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Special Delivery

on October 31, 2011

A simple pleasure: receiving a letter in the mail

You send and receive text messages constantly. Your email inbox fills up in a blink of an eye. Facebook never fails to notify you at least five times a day. Even though people are constantly in contact with you, there is something special about receiving a letter in the mail.

You flip through the day’s mail. Each day less and less mail seems to be delivered. Today’s small batch includes bills, junk mail and more bills. Then the last envelope is different. It is handwritten and addressed to you. You recognize the return address. It is from your grandma.

You open the envelope anxiously. The card is unexpected. It is months away from your birthday, and a holiday isn’t in sight.

Inside it a sweet, Hallmark card with a message about “just thinking of you.” Your heart melts a little, yet you are filled with joy. Better yet, just as grandmas always do, she hasn’t forgotten to put some money inside the card. What a perfect day!

A simple card or letter can easily make someone’s day. Yet Randolph Schmid, a reporter for the Missourian, says, “The postal services is facing losses up to $8 billion this year.”  People aren’t sending mail like they once were. Don’t let technology completely absorb you, just as much as letter can make your perfectly blissful day, sending a letter to someone else can make their perfectly blissful day, too.

Let receiving a letter in the mail be part of your perfectly blissful day.


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