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The Gift of Giving

A simple pleasure: giving something meaningful

Your holiday shopping is still not completed. It’s not that you can’t find anything, it is just that nothing is good enough for your family. Your family already has every updated model of the iPhone, iPad and every other electronic. Don’t stress.

Everyone gets caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and forgets that the best gifts come from the heart. Gifts don’t have to be expensive and high-tech. They should be simple and thoughtful. By lending a helpful hand or by making a special gift for someone means more to a person than anyone could imagine.

Not only do you make someone else happy, but you make yourself happy, too. It is almost impossible to feel anything but happy after you give something meaningful.

Stop your holiday shopping. Think a little bit. Begin to create something personal and meaningful for that special someone. There are thousands of ways to make your own unique gifts. Martha Stewart also provides several creative and unique ways to make homemade gifts for the holidays.

A personal favorite of mine is to make a Fleece Tie Blanket. The blanket is very easy, inexpensive and makes the perfect gift for anyone at any age. Everyone can use a soft, cozy blanket to curl up with during the winter season.

On Christmas morning, instead of watching everyone open gifts that they may or may not use in a few months, give them something personal. Watching their face light up with appreciation will make you have a perfect day.

Let giving be part of your perfectly blissful day.

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