a perfectly blissful day

loving the little things in life

A Beauitful Scene

A simple pleasure: a beautiful sunset

You are driving home on the same road you drive on every day. It is not a busy road. People would say it is a country road with fields filling most of the landscape.

For no particular reason, you look at your side mirror. You catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset. You take a longer look to make sure the mirror wasn’t fooling you.

Realizing that you are driving away from the beautiful scene, you pull over to the side of the road. You become calm. You become appreciative of the day.  You watch the sun set to another perfectly blissful day.

Being at the perfect place at the perfect time to watch the sun rise or the sun set is not very likely to happen. Busy lives preoccupy us from the world’s natural beauty. However, use programs such as Calendar Update to  find the sunrise and the sunset times for where you are. Take some extra time out of your day and enjoy the scene. You will be happy you did.

Let watching the sun set be part of your perfectly blissful day.

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Rainy Days

A simple pleasure: a rainy day

The morning rain lightly hits your bedroom window. Your bed, your pillow, your covers become your haven. There is nothing better than sleeping in on a rainy day.

The clouds are clustered, protecting the sun. The rain pours down. You are curled up with your grandma’s homemade quilt and watching your favorite movies.

Thunder rattles in the distant sky. The rain is your lullaby. Tonight will be a good night’s sleep.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the chance to stay inside all day when it rains. Even if you have to journey into the weather, make it an adventure. It is your story. Live it up.Dance in the rain. Sing in the rain. Run in the rain. Make-out in the rain. Wash your worries away in the rain.

Rainy days don’t mean bad days. The weather and your emotions are not linked. Journalist for MSN Health and Fitness, Rich Mallof, wrote, “Our emotions are not causalities of weather.”  You can control how you feel by what you choose to do.

Let a rainy day be your perfectly blissful day.

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